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Research development & Planning


To conduct livestock research for the development and application of appropriate livestock technologies


  1. Follow-up and coordinate implementation of Centre research activities and prepare reports
  2. Oversee and follow-up activities of livestock research laboratories at the Centre;
  3. Identify calls for research proposals and assist teams in preparing competitive research proposals;
  4. Facilitate linkages with stakeholders in livestock research matters and capacity building; and
  5. Share knowledge with stakeholders on livestock research and technology development

The Department is led by a Manager and has one or more than one of the research sections listed below, depending on the mandate of the respective Centre:

  1. Beef Cattle Research
  2. daily Cattle Research
  3. Small Ruminant Research
  4. Non Ruminant Research
  5. Pastures and Forages Research
  6. Animal Health Research
  7. Farm Animal Genetic Resources
  8. Feed Resources Research
Research Officer