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ICT & Documentation


To provide expertise and services on application of ICT to the Institute.

This Unit performs the following activities:-
  1. Implement Information Technology (IT) and e-government policy;
  2. Develop and Coordinate Integrated Information and Communication Technology for the Institute;
  3. Coordinate and provide support on procurement purchase of software and hardware in the Institute;
  4. Establish and Coordinate use of Electronic mail communications on Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN);
  5. Carryout studies and propose areas of using IT as an instrument to improve service delivery to the whole Institute;
  6. Identify and ensure access to scientific information for livestock research;
  7. Organize exhibitions on appropriate livestock technologies in collaboration with other stakeholders;
  8. Produce and disseminate documents such as brochures, articles, newsletters etc. to inform the Public on Research activities and Programmes;
  9. Establish a reputable Library and access to various publication systems.
  10. Facilitate technical consultants in livestock research for the Institute; and
  11. Up-date sectoral research and Institute information in the website;
  12. Coordinate preparation and production of Institute fact sheets, articles and news papers;
  13. Advise Divisions, Centres, Sections, Units and other stakeholders on the production of various documents
  14. Promote TALIRI activities, programs and research innovations;
  15. Engage in dialogue with the Public as well as media on issues concerning the Institute;
This Unit is led by a Principal Computer Systems Analyst.