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administration human resources mgt


  • Advice the Director General on administrative and human resources matters;
  • Provide strategic inputs on Administration and Human Resources Management issues such as recruitment, human resources development and training, promotion, discipline, retention, motivation, performance management and welfare;
  • Facilitate optimal, efficient and effective management and utilization of human resources in the Institute;
  • Collect, analyse, store and disseminate data and information related to human resource development plans;
  • Provide a link between the Institute, Parent Ministry and the President’s Institute of Public Service Management on operationalisation of the Public Service Management and Employment Policy and relevant Public Service Acts;
  • Provide data support and up-date records on various human resources information;
  • Provide all organization services development; and
  • Process terminal benefits and leave.
This Division will be led by a Director and will comprise two sections as follows:-
  • Administration Section; and
  • Human Resources Management Section.